House of Independent Producers La Bourgeoisie Chardonnay 2010

The Review:

House of Independent Producers is a side project of Christophe Hedges and is produced by Hedges Family Estates.  As the wine is poured into the glass the first thing that I notice it is the pale yellow color with a very sight golden hue.  The nose has very bright notes of lemon and lime, limoncello, white flowers, and light notes of custard.  After the wine opened up a little, there were notes of brand new rubber tires.  On first taste, there is a distinctive note of baked green apples.  The wine is medium bodied with a powerful zing of acidity.  The palate is dominated by key lime and grapefruit.  The finish of the wine is very long and lingering with a hint of warmth on the back end.  Throughout every part of the mouth there is a very bright acidity.

The Verdict:

This wine advertised as being Chablis in style and after tasting it, I agree.  A nice unoaked chardonnay that really builds once it opens up after a few minutes of swirling in the glass.  The fruit and bright acidity make it very approachable and lively.  The rubber component, as it opened up, reminds me of a riesling, which is a positive thing for me and something that adds a little bit of extra excitement to the very bright and fruity wine.  I think that at the $14 pricepoint it falls in line with many of the village level Chablis that you will find in the stores and I would recommend this wine for someone looking for a non-California style chardonnay.

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-Michael C Caputo

Buying Information:

Producer: House of Independent Producers
Type: White wine
Year: 2010
Varietal: Chardonnay
Alcohol: 13.5%
Region: Washington – Columbia Valley
Price: $14

Website: Hedges Family Estate

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